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Solo Exhibition


 2021 <SPECTACLE> Polestarart Gallery, Seoul, Korea

 2019 <Second Layer> Gallery Daon, Seoul, Korea

 2017 <Hysteria> Salon Artertain, Seoul, Korea 

 2016 <Empty Girl>  PROGR, Bern, Switzerland


 2015 <Behind the face>  aA design museum, Seoul, Korea


 2014 <Experimental Theatre>  Gallery LA MER, Seoul, Korea


 2012 <Drawing for version 0.0>  Gallery GAHOEDONG60, Seoul, Korea

           <X-report>, Gallery Aura, Seoul, Korea


 2011 <Finalist exhibition-New Discourse Fine artist selection>  Cyart Gallery, Seoul, Korea



Group Exhibitions · Screening


 2020 <SUPER COLLECTION> Superior Gallery, Seoul, Korea


 2019 <BEHIND THE SCENES> Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea




 2017 <Can't Take My Eyes Off you> PAIKHAEYOUNG Gallery, Seoul, Korea 


 2016 <Counter Work _ Artist Kim vs Artist Cho> Salon Artertain, Seoul, Korea 


 2016 < INSIGHT> Gallery Grimson, Seoul, Korea 


 2016 < ‘FRESH! 2016’> Jankossen Contemporary, NY, USA


 2016 <THE ATROCITY EXHIBITION> Galleri A / A Minor, Oslo, Norway


 2015 <THE PRESENT> SINSAJANG, Seoul, Korea 


 2015 <UTOPIA> Karimacelestin Gallery @Marseille,France


 2013 <NANJI ART SHOW Ⅰ: Mnemosyne’s Privacy> SeMA NANJI EXHIBITION HALL, Seoul


 2012 <Welcome to Cristal Room>, SIA Media Art Awards Winner Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art

          <Meeting with 6 Finalists for SIA Media Art Awards> CJ E&M Center



Awards & Residency


 2013 SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY Award, Seoul, Korea


 2012 Finalist, SIA Media Art Awards


 2011 Finalist, New Discourse Fine artist selection


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